Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Gardener

This week we read the story The Gardener. In the story the gardener cuts his tree into the shape of different animals.  We made some of his creations using playdough...

Friday, September 29, 2017

The Three Little Pigs

In Reading, we have been working on the Three Little Pigs Challenge.

We had to work in small groups to build the pig's houses - one made from straws, one made from sticks and one made from bricks.

Check out the photos of our creations:

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Upcycle Challenge

Today was the Upcycle Challenge. 

To take part in this challenge you had to make something out of materials that had been recycled.  We went to the hall to look at all the creations.  Here are some photos of our creations.

Blake made a spaceship out of recycled materials.
Summer made a pink star out of soft drink bottles.

Azaria made a bird house and a piggy bank out of plastic bottles.

Eyvannah made a robot out of boxes.

Zaahir made a rocket out of bottles and wood.

Sachetan made a house out of boxes and paper.

Sachetan also made a PHS truck out of soft drink cans and soft drink lids.

Calum worked with his sister and family to make a go cart out of his old balance bike and the old barbeque.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Catapulting Through Tuesday

Today we worked in teams to make a catapult.  A catapult is a machine for throwing things a very long way.  These were used a very long time ago by the Romans.

We watched the KitKat ad that is on TV at the moment because the men in this ad are trying to build a catapult.  Like these men, our challenge was to work in a team to make a catapult that would throw a bean further than any other team.

We were allowed to use cellotape, bluetack, some ice block sticks and a plastic spoon.

Check out our photos to see what we did to make our catapult and how we worked together as a team.



Team 1:  Yasir, Azaria, Ivana and Safaa
Team 2:  Kassiel, Jonty and Bailee
Team 3:  Summer, Eyvannah, Blake

Team 4: Crystal, Tiana-Jae, Haleigh, Zaahir

Team 5:  Shakib, Tyler, Sachetan

We measured the distance our bean had flown using Safaa.  To make sure our measuring was always the same and fair we had to use Safaa to do all of the measuring.  Here are the results:

Team 1:  Ivana, Azaria, Safaa, Yasir                          4 1/2 Safaa's
Team 2:  Kassiel, Jonty, Bailee                                   2  3/4 Safaa's
Team 3:  Eyvannah, Blake, Summer                           2 Safaa's
Team 4:  Crystal, Haleigh, Zaahir, Tiana-Jae              2 1/4 Safaa's
Team 5:  Sachetan, Tyler, Shakib                                4 1/4 Safaa's

Team 1 were the winners with their bean moving 4 1/2 Safaa's!

Mrs Watene awarded the winners a Freddo Frog!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Lego Maths Challenge

Today in maths we did some Lego challenges. Here are some photos of what we made.

Tyler had to make something out of only blue Lego

Tyler had to make out of only four Lego blocks.

Crystal had to make a symmetrical pattern. 

Tyler had to write his name with Lego.

Crystal had to make a miniature version of her house out of Lego.

Bailee had to make a fruit out of Lego and see if her buddy could guess the fruit. Her buddy couldn't guess it.

Calum had to make a dinosaur out of Lego.

Jonty had to make something beginning with B out of Lego. He made blocks.

Jonty had to make a tree out of Lego.

Shakib had to make a miniature version of his house out of Lego.

Summer had to make a flower out of Lego.  She made her flower symmetrical.

Eyvannah had to make a triangle that had two equal sides.
 Ivana, Yasir, Azaria and had to make a pattern using using Lego. 

Yasir had to make a bridge using Lego.

Ivana made a symmetrical pattern using Lego.